When respiratory viruses such as influenza and coronavirus, bacteria like E.coli, S. pneumoniae, and S. aureus, and even superbugs like MRSA land on hard surfaces, they can live up to 4-5 days.  However, when they land on copper and copper alloys, they begin to die within minutes and are undetectable within hours. 


Copper has been used in studies in healthcare along with routine cleaning and has provided these the following benefits:

  • Over 90% reduction in the numbers of live bacteria on surfaces in busy wards and intensive care units (ie. bed rails, chair arms, call buttons, over bed tables, IV poles, taps and door handles).

  • 58% reduction in infection rates in a study of three hospital intensive care units in the US, with similar results to a 2016 study in a pediatric intensive care unit.

  • Some common viruses have no vaccines available, such as the winter vomiting virus (norovirus) – commonly found on cruise ships. Others, such as influenza, mutate so rapidly that it is difficult for vaccines to keep up – and they need to be reformulated every year. Copper surfaces however, wipe them out regardless of year-over-year changes in the microbes.  

So why aren't more people using copper to help protect against harmful bacteria, viral spread, and infections?  Antimicrobial copper is expensive, has limitations in formability, and can be subject to chemical changes such as corrosion and oxidation.


Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Film

Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Film is a patented, easy to use, and a safe transparent sticker that can be placed over your existing commonly used surfaces that constantly works 24/7 to eradicate bacteria and viruses.  Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Film is blended with copper alloy and polyethylene that removes the limitations  of copper that is cost-effective, avoids corrosion and oxidation, and is highly flexible and can be used on multiple surfaces.

Our antimicrobial copper film has shown over 99% antimicrobial activity reduction through testing, met the standards of food appliances, certified by the FDA, International Copper Association, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Korea Conformity Laboratories, is RoHS compliant, and has made over 200 million spots safer. 


This film can be applied to any surface that you prefer. (Eg. Hockey stick, desk, table, doorhandle and more.)


B2B is welcome. 

Please email at  SALES@drcucopperfilm.com

Dr.CU Antimicrobial Copper Film Sticker - Kills COVID 99% on the surface







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