The Alkali RPD Quantum Skate is an excellent choice for players looking for elite features at a performance-level price. Alkali shockingly used their premier magnesium Movement chassis that is one of the lightest and most durable on the market. They didn't stop there either, the Visium 2 boasts a full composite outsole that is typically reserved for elite skates. 

The combination of the magnesium chassis and composite outsole make the RPD Quantum is one of the best performing mid-price skates on the market. The Alkali Swiss Bearings that sit inside high-performance indoor wheels for premium grip, speed and glide. 

The uppers of the Quantum include an Ultralight Pro Nylon boot with a pro felt tongue. The boot offers a ton of support and responsiveness but was also built to last with strategically placed anti-wear pads. The tongue boasts pro-level thickness for excellent comfort and protection for the top of the foot. The HD lace-bite guard actually forms to the top of the foot much like the boot forms to the sides of the foot. 

Unique to Alkali Hockey are the tendon guards with "windows" that make carrying the skates all too easy. These sit near the Comfort Edge wraps that help to alleviate high-ankle abrasion that is caused by stiff quarter packages and frequent use. Internally, the RPD Quantum skate utilizes Alkali's premier AcivWick Anti-Slip Liner. While it has a very comfortable feel, the hydrophobic properties repel moisture in order to securely lock the foot into the boot for maximum energy transfer. 

  • Heritage: RPE Visium+
  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance

Alkali RPD Quantum Sr. Roller Hockey Skates







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